Considerations When It Comes To Cavity Wall Insulation

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Many older homes don’t have cavity wall insulation. However, rising energy costs combined with an increased concern for the environment have caused many of these homeowners to look and see what they can do for their home in this regard. Here is where cavity wall insulation comes into play.

There are two main ways in which cavity wall insulation can be installed within these older homes today. The first way is to drill a hole into the wall and then shoot the cavity wall insulation into it there. However, if you find wooden planks that are located about halfway up the wall, this isn’t going to work. This is when the second way of installing cavity wall insulation comes into play. Herein you’ll need to drill a hole both above and below the plank whereby you’ll then be able to install the cavity wall insulation. Of course, you can also do this work by hand instead of by machine. Regardless of how you insert the cavity wall insulation you’ll eventually need to cover the holes up again and paint over them so that nobody will ever know that they were even there.

Knowing how to install cavity wall insulation is only half of the battle though. You must also know what type of cavity wall insulation to install. Most professionals will recommend that you use closed-cell expanding foam because it is more energy efficient. However, cellulose is also used as cavity wall insulation.

While installing cavity wall insulation isn’t that difficult of a process, it is time consuming. If you feel as though you’re not up to the task, you should contact a contractor to help you. Regardless of how the job gets done, the important thing is that it does get done because in the end you’ll find that this small job has made a huge difference within your home.


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