Commercial Lavatories for Public Use

Commercial lavatory sinks

The Ancient Romans were the first civilization to make use of public restrooms. These were pretty crude urinals that were built along the streets. Fast forward to 1358 and you could use one of 4 public restrooms in the city of London. Then came along the public Public Health Act in 1848, which called for provisions for public necessities, so toilets for visitors of the Crystal Palace were made available. Nowadays whenever one goes out shopping, to a restaurant or out to the movies and they need to use the restroom, there are plenty of commercial lavatories available. Ever since the late 20th century, public restrooms have become the norm.

A restroom in a commercial establishment provides the convenience that patrons appreciate, but restrooms, or lavatories, need to meet certain standards in America. Certain rules and regulations have been developed that govern how commercial restrooms are to be fitted with the appropriate fixtures.

Commercial lavatories are specially designed for use in commercial buildings, such in office buildings or retail stores, etc. A commercial lavatory has to meet the Occupational Safety and Health Administration standards (OSHA) if it is installed in the workplace. Commercial lavatory sinks are also supposed to meet certain requirements. States also set certain requirements for commercial lavatories. These requirements are set so that the public has access to sanitary facilities.

The Americans with Disabilities Act was also passed so that people with disabilities have easy access to commercial lavatories. Sanitary requirements for commercial lavatories include using mechanical ventilation to ensure the air quality is good. Commercial lavatories must also include covered waste bins as well as the availability of toilet paper, soap and paper towels or an automatic hand air dryer. The sinks in commercial lavatories are supposed to also be fitted with both hot and cold water spouts. Visit here for more:

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