How to Update a Boring Bedroom on a Budget

Ivory vases

If you are looking to update your bedroom on a budget, there are a couple options that will give your room an instant facelift, ranging updating decor accessories for home, to adding color to an otherwise ivory bedroom.

If you have an ivory bedroom, why not add some color? Color is everything in a bedroom and it sets the mood you are going to be in as soon as you wake up. Who wants to wake up to a boring ivory bedroom? You can find cheap paints on the discount rack at many home improvement centers. If you are not sure about changing the entire rooms color simply paint one wall or two. This will add depth to the room while adding a new flare for your senses.

Another great option can be made by changing the curtains, pillows, comforters, and decor. Curtains are inexpensive and can be made at home. First measure your curtains and figure out how much fabric you will need. Go to your local fabric store and check out their clearance rack. Again, maybe try to stay away from ivory pillows or ivory comforters, and go with something bold and exciting. To make your own curtains simply sew a hem on the top and the bottom, but make sure the top hem is wide enough to fit your curtain rod. This curtain will add a fun and personal style to your bedroom.

Finally, add little colorful touches to your room. Replace ivory vases with fun colored glass ones, or add accent colored picture frames. A bit of color goes a long way in a room, and all of these suggestions are incredibly cost effective. Take your boring ivory bedroom from drab to fab by making these small tweaks. Not only will your room be instantly updated, but you can now move on to the next one!

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