Lease Solar Panels for Your Home and Save

Solar ct

There are some interesting, yet somewhat unknown facts about solar panels. You may want to lease solar panels for your home after understanding some of the information about solar residential panels.

First a little history. The Greeks and Romans were the first to use passive solar by building structures with windows that faced south to allow sun into the rooms. Did you know that the only pollution created by these panes is through the manufacturing, transport and installation phases? Solar energy, including when you lease solar panels for your home, use photons or light energy from the sun to generate household electricity. The process is called the photovoltaic effect. Solar residential panels can last up to 40 years, all while keeping high levels of efficiency. Solar northeast usage will help save money and the environment.

Lease solar panels for your home can reduce energy costs. This is important considering cost of this solar power may reach a dollar per watt, less than traditional energy sources. In Connecticut, there are large rebates for this energy source. Solar CT energy will reduce costs in this state, which has high energy costs.

Imagine financing lease solar panels for your home with no money down and as low as 65 dollars per month. Solar panel financing is inexpensive. With the energy efficiency of these solar panels Connecticut residents can see a rapid return on their investments. It’s certainly time to lease solar panels for your home, especially with the 25 year warranty.
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