Three Main Types of Industrial Shelving

Rivet rack shelving

When people think of shelving, often the first thing that comes to mind is wooden shelving for books and objects. Industrial shelving, however, is a lot more heavy duty and involves components specifically engineered to be sturdy and carry a lot of weight. Here are a few examples.

What are cantilever racks? Cantilever racks is used for warehouse storage. It is usually made from roll formed and structural steel. The rack consists of a vertical column, arms, base, and horizontal or cross basing. The bracing is used to connect columns. Cantilever racks are often found in places such as lumber years or plumbing supply warehouses.

Mezzanine shelving units are another option that help companies add floor space and maximize on storage space. These shelves can double usable space without adding to the overall overhead. A shelving mezzanine can be comprised of any number of materials, and is distinct in its appearance. Mezzanines look like a small building of shelves that go from floor to ceiling. It is often possible to walk along the top of them. In high ceilinged buildings, they can help to create a sort of in between floor for extra storage.

Pallet racking and shelving is very common and fairly essential to warehouse management. It is a storage aid system that holds materials on pallets. Forklift trucks are often used to place the pallets on their shelves.

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