Suffering from Seasonal Allergies or Asthma? Air Conditioning Can Help

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Did you know that more than three-quarters, or 76%, of American homes in the Midwest use central air conditioning, and that even 35% of, typically cooler, Northeast homes used central air, for the entire summer, in 2012? Sweating out the summer months is not fun, and it is rarely practical, either. Why? Air conditioning improves overall comfort, but it can actually improve your health and increase your overall well-being, too.

How Were the First Air Conditioners Used?

The first air conditioning units were not designed to keep people cool. In fact, Willis Carrier invented the first air conditioner in 1902 to help facilitate operations in a publishing house. The cooler air prevented the paper from expanding, or contracting, and it helped ink dry faster, too. Some of the first air conditioners did not use refrigeration, or chemical cooling, either.

These units were called “swamp coolers,” and used water, instead of air and chemicals. Some of these water-based air conditioners are still in use today. They work best in dry areas, and, although they are less expensive, they do not cool quite as much as traditional AC units.

What About Air Conditioning Today?

Today, many people think air conditioning, and air conditioning maintenance, is about comfort. That is true, up to a point. Modern air conditioners also maintain health. The development of certain medicines requires cool, and stable, air. Insulin is one of the most widely used medications that is temperature-sensitive, requiring a specific, cooler temperatures to be most effective.

Plus, central air conditioning units typically work by pushing chilled air through heating and cooling ducts. The circulation of this cool air maintains temperatures, and helps filter air. The result, temperature controlled, clean air, can curb seasonal allergies and the likelihood of asthma attacks. The only downside may be costly AC unit repairs. Make sure to keep units well-maintained, and you can easily cut these costs in half, or more.

Considering air conditioning? Maybe central air? The chilled air, pushed through heating and cooling ducts, is not just about comfort. In the past, air conditioned kept publishing companies running. Today, the same technology can keep medicine working at its best, and help relieve the symptoms of hay fever and asthma. Get more here.

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