Ways to Make Your Home More Livable in Three Key Rooms

Ceramic kitchen sinks

When it comes to making good interior design decisions for your home, it’s all about combining aesthetics with functionality. Sure the room looks great, but is it livable? Below are some ideas for specific rooms in your house.


While a lot of what will make your kitchen work has do to with the quality of your appliances, it’s very important to consider how they will function in the space. For example, built in microwaves might be a great way to save space and give your kitchen a smart and savvy look. Beyond that, durability is certainly a factor. To that end, stainless steel kitchen sinks have great versatility visually, while providing a surface that is built to last. Ceramic kitchen sinks are similarly reliable. Additionally, decorative kitchen tiles can be a great way to accentuate the overall look of the room and establish a cohesive theme.

Living Room

A solid option for your living room may include solid hardwood flooring, particularly if you plan to use it frequently and there will be a lot of foot traffic. In that case, well placed living room area rugs can contribute to a warm and comfortable vibe while complementing the overall look of the floor. Of course, you will want to choose a table set that fits with all of these elements accordingly.

Dining Room

You’ll likely want your dining room to be more formal. This begins with the look and feel of the dining room table you choose. From there, your dining room china cabinets should be selected to match. For further establishment of the ambiance, dining room drapes, and even more subtly, a dining room area rug, can do much to bring the room together. Ultimately, you have to feel comfortable being in the space and using it on a regular basis.

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