Popular High End Furniture Brands to Reinvent Your Home

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The United States furniture industry is estimated to be worth 65 billion U.S. dollars, according to IBIS research. In 2012, retail sales generated over 163 billion U.S. dollars and the furniture industry employs over 281,000 people in the United States. Obviously, these statistics prove that the furniture industry is booming in the U.S. as millions of Americans value the concept of designing and furnishing their homes to their liking. Strong interior designs allow a space to feel safe, healthy, and look attractive for residents, guests, customers and clients.

Professional interior designers specialize in choosing the right color schemes, furniture, and decorations for particular home or commercial space. They also specialize in knowing some of the most reputable, durable and best high end interior designer furniture. Among these luxury furniture manufacturers are some of the most popular brands, such as marge Carson Furniture, Baker Furniture, and Bernhardt Furniture. If you want to refurnish your home using the brands that high end designers use, keep reading!

Marge Carson Furniture is known for being one of the largest and oldest privately owned fine furniture companies in the world. Marge Carson has never wavered from its commitment to quality and delighting its customers. Their beautiful designs, classy custom fabrics, finishes and trims, in addition to their attention to detail, all meet in an effort to create their quality designer furniture. Marge Carson Furniture is the perfect brand for the buyer looking for a classic piece with a long history of quality products.

Baker Furniture is known for their ability to adapt to the current trends in style and design, without being just another “follower” in the industry. Baker works hard to be a part of the design movement and never shows a lack of taste or innovation. Through their craftsmanship, materials, design and finish, Baker is a great furniture brand for the buyer looking to add a stylish, innovative and above all, quality piece of furniture to their project.

Lastly, there is Bernhardt Furniture. Bernhardt is known for being one of oldest family-owned furniture manufacturers in America. Bernhardt continues their American tradition of building quality furniture to meet the highest standards of style, design and quality. They have a wide variety of furnishings and styles to chose from, perfect for the buyer who is a fan of multiple designs.

Not everyone can afford to hire their own personal interior designer. However, this does not mean they can not refurnish and design their home with the same quality furniture that the pros use. Consider these high quality, popular furniture brands when planning to refurnish your home, office or commercial space. You will not be disappointed! Read more blogs like this: allenandjames.com

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