Reduce Your Air Conditioning Costs

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Did you know that summer air conditioning usually cost between 500 to 1,000 dollars per year? While that might be acceptable for the total cost of energy consumption, spending that much money on air conditioning alone is ludicrous. But when you consider the air conditioning habits of Americans, it really is not surprising.

While more than three quarters of Midwestern households have air conditioning, the southern states spend the most money on air conditioning related energy consumption. Of course, considering the year round high temperatures in many southern states, it is understandable that 67 percent of southern households run their air conditioning units not stop during the summer months. Likewise, the cooler, moderate climate of Pacific Northwest is a big reason that households in the western U.S. run their air conditioning only about 38 percent of the time during the summer.

However, cities like Phoenix, Arizona, where daytime temperatures in excess of 110 degrees are common, and where the mercury often remains above 90 degrees overnight, you can bet that air conditioning and heating and air conditioning repair services are considered by many to be life essentials. After all, getting a good night’s sleep will be difficult if the air conditioning malfunctions in the middle of the night.

Unlike central air conditioner repair services in the North, a Phoenix air conditioning services are in high demand 24 hours per day, seven days a week, 365 days per year. The cool thing about Arizona, though, is the amount of sunlight it sees can help homeowners make up for their high air conditioning bills. According to The Weather Channel, Arizona is the sunniest state in the United States; and Phoenix is sunny 85 percent of the time. Subsequently, services provided by solar companies in Arizona can help homeowners cut their energy costs considerably.

Regardless of where one lives, it can be challenging to reduce energy consumption, while still staying comfortable in extreme temperatures. If you have ever needed to call a central air conditioner repair service during the middle of July, you realize just how much many people depend on their air conditioning. The same can be said of household heat during the January and February.

The best way to remain comfortable in either extreme heat or extreme cold is to enlist the services of a top heating and central air conditioner repair service. They will not only keep your heating and air conditioning systems in proper working order, they can keep them running at peak efficiency.

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