Are Outdoor Planters and Urns the Key to Drawing More Customers?

Contemporary outdoor planters

When you think of the things that will draw customers into your store, what do you think of? Most likely, you think of offering them great products that will bring convenience and ease to their lives. Maybe you think about offering those products at a better rate than your competitors, ensuring that you’re the number one choice for all of their needs. Do you ever think about using landscaping to attract customers?

Landscaping Impacts Businesses
According to a recent study from Project Evergreen, consumers are willing to pay an average 12% premium on the goods and services purchased from their favorite retail establishments if the company makes an effort at maintaining quality landscaping around their buildings. Further studies have shown that greenery and flowers in city planters attract more consumers to businesses in urban areas, allowing them to stand out against the concrete and asphalt urban centers are known for. Consider, Americans spent $5.6 million in 2012 on lawn and garden care supplies for their own homes. It stands to reason that they would have an appreciation for horticultural beauty wherever they are, at home or out doing their errands.

Tips for Improving Your Landscape

  • Use Outdoor Planters and Urns
  • One of the easiest, most cost-effective ways to implement landscaping into your business’s design is with outdoor planters and urns. After all, with outdoor planters and urns you do not need to designate an area, have it dug up, or put down seeds. Instead, you can place outdoor planters and urns near your doorways and along the paths leading to your store. This in turn may give you that boost associated with landscaping.

    Options are available for all needs. Large decorative planters allow you to offer large, vibrant displays that are sure to entice any customer. If you need something sturdy along a busy footpath, commercial fiberglass planters offer durability along with beauty.

  • Bring Variety to Your Landscape
  • Whether you decide to use outdoor planters and urns or to renovate an entire area of your property, think about variety. Marigolds, lilies, daisies, and mums all make beautiful landscaping flowers. The variety of colors and scents are sure to catch the eye of your customers. Just beware of certain types of flowers. The titan arum, for example, is known to be the largest flower, standing 10 feet tall and three feet wide. They are beautiful, but they are known to have a terrible smell.

  • Consider 24-hour Landscaping
  • Most businesses plan their landscaping to be viewed at very particular times of day. We’ve all experienced the beauty of flowers just after sunrise, drops of dew shining like stars on their petals. However, did you know that certain flowers do not bloom until the sun goes down? Moon flowers bloom at night and close again as the sun rises. Why not offer your customers the beauty of landscaping 24-hours a day?

Quality landscaping is proven to help businesses like yours attract more consumers. However, not every company knows where to start. Keep these three tips in mind when you are planning your landscaping for greater beauty and greater income.


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