Curb Allergy Symptoms With Dependable Air Conditioning

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Did you know that, according to the Energy Information Administration (EIA), an overwhelming 85% of southwest U.S. homes use central air conditioning, and 67% of those same households use central air units for the entire summer? Americans take comfort seriously, and air conditioning is becoming increasingly prominent in all regions of the U.S. What is the history of commercial and residential air conditioning, and how does air conditioning benefit us today?

The History of Air Conditioning

Before the relatively widespread use of air conditioning, work and schools closed for the summers to keep employees and students out of the crippling heat. When was air conditioning introduced, and who is responsible for air conditioning as we know it today?

Some of the first air conditioning units date way back to the mid 1800s, and did not use any form of chemicals to keep temperatures cool. These basic units, referred to as “swamp coolers,” were water-based, and they do not cool air as effectively as today’s models. A publishing house employee, Willis Carrier, invented the first modern air conditioner. At the time, Carrier developed air conditioning to help ink dry faster and eliminate smudges.

What Are the Benefits of Modern Air Conditioning?

Today’s units, including central air conditioning systems, keep temperatures comfortable, and promote overall health. How? A well-maintained air conditioner traps dust and allergies, filtering the air, and making it much easier to breathe. As such, they are especially useful for asthmatics and hay fever sufferers. Some units may even be used to keep medicines, such as insulin, at particular temperatures. Certain medications work best at cooled temperatures.

In order to enjoy all of these benefits, however, homeowners need to consider regular residential air conditioning repair. HVAC companies and HVAC repair services help keep units running their best. Cleaning out units at least twice per season helps them filter air and function most efficiently.

Air conditioners have come a long way. Enjoy all of the benefits of modern central air conditioning, and keep it that way, with regular maintenance and convenient residential air conditioning repair. Find more on this topic here.

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