Install Premium Window Treatments to Keep Your Home Cool During the Summer

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On hot, sunny afternoons, the best way to stay cool and relax is to just lounge on the couch alternating between napping and watching TV. However, without the right window treatments, like interior shutters, it might be hard to do so. The sunlight blazing through a window can cast a glare on the TV that makes it impossible to watch your favorite shows and, of course, falling asleep with the sun in your eyes is never easy. So if you prefer the peace and quiet of a relaxing weekend, rather than trying to fight the weather outdoors, installing treatments that keep the sun out of your living room is a good idea.

One of the best options is interior shutters, particularly those made out of wood and other solid materials. They can be closed tight to prevent almost any light from getting in and, as an added bonus, they can be cut to fit virtually any size. Plus, unlike some other options, they can be customized and painted with different stains or colors multiple times to look great in any design plan. That combination makes interior shutters one of the best options available.

Of course, interior shutters are far from the only option that you have when you want to upgrade your living room and make it a relaxing haven. Adding curtains and drapes is a popular way to keep the sun out, and they are a reliable option. They are great for not only keeping the sun out, but also for privacy as they can completely block any views that neighbors or passersby might get into a home. On top of that, those that are tightly woven are able to block out both heat from the sun and cold temperatures, reducing the need for HVAC systems and cutting electricity usage.

For the most protection from the sun, both for napping and cutting utility bills, you might want to think about upgrading the exterior of your home as well. If installed properly, awnings can reduce cooling costs in the average home by up to 15%, according to a study done by the Center for Sustainable Building Research at Minnesota University. By keeping the sun off of the house, awnings help keep rooms cool and easier to relax in during a restful weekend.

Window treatments like interior shutters, drapes, and awnings are often overlooked, especially when it comes to keeping a home cool during the hot summer months. However, they are great for keeping the sun from shining through windows and allow homeowners to turn their AC units off more often. As a result, they can prove to be a great investment. More on this topic.

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