Three Easy Steps to Clean Travertine Tiles

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Travertine tile has a number of different uses for homeowners who want to upgrade the aesthetic of nearly every room in their house. It can be used for everything from bathroom walls and flooring, cladding on buildings, in showers, for counter tops, and even backsplashes in the kitchen for a completely unique aesthetic. Plus, travertine tile can come in several different finishes, including polished, matte, brushed, tumbled, and other textures. And travertine tile can be gold, beige, walnut, ivory, or other similar covers. As a result, it is a perfect fit in just about any home. Unfortunately, travertine tile cleaning is not always easy, but there are a few steps every homeowner can follow to do the work themselves.

Start by Vacuuming

Though you might think vacuums are reserved for carpets and have nothing to do with floor tile cleaning, they are actually quite important when it comes to travertine tile cleaning. There are lots of pores and crevices in travertine tile, and they can easily fill up with dust and dirt. The fastest, and most effective way to get rid of that minute debris is to simply run the vacuum cleaner.

Mix Warm Water and a Stone Cleaner

Some might think that using more cleaner leads to more clean floors. However, in the case of travertine tile cleaning, that could actually lead to discolorations that look worse than the dirt itself. It might take a couple of washes to make sure that the mixture does its job, but that is a better alternative than an overly-powerful solution that actually damages the tiles.

Dry With a Soft Cloth

It might be tempting to just let tiles sit and air dry, especially if you live in a warm, arid environment. However, doing so could cause water rings and stains to develop, especially if the air is humid and it takes a long time for water to evaporate. So despite the fact that hand-drying requires a little more elbow grease, it can have long-term benefits.

Since cleaning tiles on your own could take hours that you simply don’t have available, hiring a professional who provides tile cleaning services might be the best way to get your floors, walls, or other tiled areas clean. They will use all of the latest professional tile cleaning equipment and techniques to make sure tiles are completely clean and are a great resource for homeowner who don’t want to spend their valuable free time going through the cleaning process. See this link for more.

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