Five Ways to Keep Your Home Cool When the AC Breaks Down

Emergency air conditioning repair

During the sweltering summer days of July and August, many homeowners need prompt central air conditioning repairs to make sure that they can stay cool, no matter how hot it gets outside. Unfortunately, emergency air conditioning repair specialists can end up being quite busy during that time of year, and there is never a guarantee that they will be able to get to every problem right away. If that is the case, then there are a few tips homeowners should use to try to drop the temperature in their home and keep themselves from overheating.

Keep Your Windows Shut

While opening the window and trying to get a breeze is a popular remedy that many people will use before AC repair professionals arrive, that might actually serve to make your home hotter. If the air outside is warmer than on the inside, you should instead keep windows, blinds, and curtains closed to prevent the outside air and the sun’s warmth from getting in. The best time to open windows is at night when the temperature drops so cool air can blow through your home.

Use Plants

Plants have the ability to help keep a home cool by absorbing the sun’s energy. If they are placed in front of a sunny window they will prevent that energy from entering and warming up a home. Plus, they help keep air clean and fresh so that, if you do need to keep windows close, your home won’t become too stale.

Use Fans

Fans can be the best alternative to air conditioning and a good option while waiting for home air conditioning repairs, especially if the air outside is relatively cool. While most people have fans blow directly on them to enjoy the cool breeze, they can also be set up in windows and open doors to funnel cool air throughout a home. Unlike AC, they can actually bring in fresh air so even after you get repairs, there might be some nights where turning on the fan is the better option.

Install Awnings

Awnings work well all year, and not just when you are waiting for the emergency air conditioning repair expert, to keep the sun not only from shining in through your windows, but off of the walls of your home entirely. It is no mystery that sitting in the shade is always cooler than being in the sun, and that holds true for your home. If you don’t want to necessarily add on to your house, then planting a tree could provide the same effect.

Turn the Lights Off

Older bulbs produce not only light, but high levels of heat. Turning them off is good not only for staying cool, but also preserving energy and lowering utility bills. If you need them on all day to get work done, or just to prevent too much napping, then switching to efficient EnergyStar certified bulbs is a smart choice.

The time it takes for an emergency air conditioning repair service to arrive at your house can seem terrifyingly long, especially on a hot summer day. Thankfully, there are a few things you can do to try to lower the temperature in your home and help keep your cool. Check out this site for more.

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