Upgrade Your Home With Customized and Durable Concrete Products

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Thomas Edison’s ventures into concrete were never well-received. Though he thought concrete homes could revolutionize American life, they were never as practical as he hoped and never became popular. In fact, they proved to be his biggest blunder as an inventor and, other than the handful of homes that still remain, the longest-lasting evidence of him dabbling in concrete is The Romance of Cement, which was published by the Edison Portland Cement Company. Despite the fact that Edison failed to make concrete homes and furniture popular, today, using quality decorative concrete products that work in your home is a great idea.

One of the best locations for installing quality decorative concrete that lasts is the garage. While some might only use it for storage or a place to keep their car out of the elements, if you use your garage for more than that, having a nice floor is always a good idea. Whether you have a man cave, a home gym, art studio, or even a small garden area in the garage, a custom decorative concrete floor can be a great addition. They are easy to clean, require little maintenance, and will last a long time.

Using quality decorative concrete products that work can also be a smart choice in the kitchen. Because it can be customized and is so durable, concrete is great for not just floors, but countertops. Whether you enjoy cooking big meals when you have family and friends over or need to prepare quick meals for your busy family every night, having a space where you don’t have to worry about damaging anything can be a luxury. Concrete will be able to withstand the occasional scratch from a knife or dropped plate. Plus, you won’t have to worry about spills leaving permanent stains because they are easy to clean.

Though you might be hesitant to use concrete because it is usually just grey or tan, contemporary decorative products can come in a number of different colors and designs. As a result, you don’t have to sacrifice a great design idea for durability and functionality. Regardless of your specific goals and ideas, you’ll be able to find and customize concrete products that fit your home perfectly.

Edison failed when it came to properly using concrete, perhaps because his ideas for concrete homes were simply too big. However, his mistake does not mean that you can’t use concrete at all. In fact, using quality decorative concrete products that work is a great way to upgrade a number of areas in your home, including the kitchen and the garage. They offer a rare combination of custom looks and durability that sets concrete apart from other, perhaps more traditional, options.