Tree Roots Can Cause Serious Damage to Your Home

Tree removal costs

No one wants to have to remove a tree from their yard. Trees provide us with shade, oxygen, and some of the most natural beauty nature has to offer. They are also considered home for many different animals and insects that survive on the nutrients and shelter they provide. But in some cases, tree removal is necessary.

If a tree is growing on your lawn near the septic tank or your plumbing, the roots can cause severe damage to the tank and the pipes. The roots can also cause cracks in a driveway, and harm the foundation of a home or building if the tree is situated too close to the walls. Also, tree removal companies should be contact if there are trees growing under power lines, as they can cause power outages and be a safety hazard. In addition, if a tree has dead branch stubs, vertical cracks, or seams, it could pose a safety risk, and warrant emergency tree removal.

Tree removal companies will be able to carefully dislodge the tree, working in sections if it is a large one. Once they have cut it down to a stump, a professional tree service uses a special machine that will grind the remaining stump into dust. Because the average lifespan of a tree in city areas is 8 to 10 years, these companies are well-versed in how to safely, and securely remove trees, and prevent them from endangering homeowners and pedestrians.

If you have a tree that you think is potentially hazardous, call a tree removal service immediately. Tree removal costs vary depending on the height of the tree, the complexity of removing it, where it is located, and the condition it is in. Some removals are only about $150, but others can cost as much as $500 or $1,000.

In any case, even if you hate the idea of cutting down a tree, keeping your family and your home safe will be worth it. Helpful links.

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