Four Problems Caused by Dirty HVAC Systems

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Though the majority of people only think about staying warm during the winter or cool in the summer when they hear the term “HVAC,” another important, but often overlooked, aspect of HVAC systems is maintaining air quality. Without a properly functioning system, all kinds of contaminants can work their way into the system. If that happens, there are a number of different problems that homeowners might have to deal with. In order to prevent them, changing HVAC air filters regularly and investing in the occasional duct cleaning is the best option.

A Case of the Sniffles

Without clean HVAC air filters, all kinds of dust, dirt, and allergens can work their way into the air. When that happens, not only will the residents of a home find themselves running to the tissue box more often than normal, but they might end up getting quite sick. Replacing the filter is the easiest way to keep that from happening.

Inefficiencies and High Utility Bills

Without changing filters or properly cleaning residential HVAC systems, homeowners will find that their systems are not running as efficiently as they could. When that happens, not only will dust build up, but so will utility bills. Running the AC all summer is costly even when they are efficient, but dust and dirt causing them to work harder than normal will be quite expensive.

Extensive Damage Over Time

If not cleaned, dirty HVAC systems will not only run inefficiently, but could suffer more damage that requires expensive repairs. In addition to replacing filters, maintenance like replacing fan belts, lubricating motors, and checking refrigerant levels will help make sure a system does not breakdown further. Little upgrades can make a big difference over time.


Since HVAC systems are primarily used to regulate temperature, homeowners need to make sure they work properly just to stay comfortable. When HVAC air filters aren’t replaced, the inefficiencies will not only be costly, but they will make it hard to stay comfortable. Whether a Polar Vortex caused the temperature to plummet or a heat wave is making it tough to stay cool, effective HVAC systems are necessary for temperature control.

Though changing filters is always a good idea, there are several things that homeowners should check to make sure systems are working smoothly. Over time, air conditioning coils can get dirty and fail to cool air down sufficiently and electrical issues can make it so an AC unit wont turn on. No matter the problem, hiring an HVAC cleaning and repair expert is a good idea. They can diagnose problems, change filters, and make repairs quickly so that homeowners don’t have to worry about dirty systems causing problems. More like this.

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