The Straight Poop About Toilets

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There are some inventions that are hard to improve on; the wheel, the bicycle, the toilet. The very simplicity in their design and function is there brilliance. Because of this, some of these innovations are taken for granted, despite their great importance to our daily routines. The modern toilet, for instance is not something that is discussed in polite conversation, but is essential to every home. Here’s some things you may have never known about toilets.

The first vortex-flushing toilet bowl was patented in 1907. Thomas MacAvity Stewart of Saint John, New Brunswick wanted to modify the already popular invention by creating a toilet with a built in self-cleansing effect. These toilets are also referred to as pressure-assisted toilets, and are believed to do a more efficient job of removing waste from the bowl with less water.

These water saving toilets have become preferable to gravity toilets, despite their higher cost. Not only are the water saving toilets preferred due to their self-cleaning ability, but also for the fact that they save families money in the long run. It is currently estimated that water saving toilets can save a household $100 per year on water bills. This is a trend that adds up when you consider the amount of time you will own your toilet before replacing it.

Finding efficient toilets
has become a sort of hobby for some. Bill and Melinda Gates recently sponsored a water saving toilets design competition. They called the competition “Reinvent the Toilet Fair” and invited amateurs and professionals, alike to take a stab at creating a new and improved toilet design.

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