How to Find High Quality Modern Furniture

True contemporary furniture

Your home is your citadel: it gives you shelter, helps you relax, and keeps your family safe. So naturally, your home should be decorated to match your tastes: for some people, that might mean a very traditional look that has existed in the United States for decades. But for others, who might be looking for a fresh take on typical decoration, modern furniture might be the answer.

Traditionally, furniture has developed through history into a fairly ubiquitous design: for example, in medieval times, chairs were reserved for noblemen or upper class citizens, most commonly as thrones, but have developed into a common household item across society. Likewise, the couch existed in so many different time periods that it has a number of names, including “divan”, “Chesterfield”, and “davenport.” And as early as 1691, an architectural manual called “Lessons of Architecture” by Charles Augustin d’Aviler recommended dividing the home into formal spaces and more casual,living spaces, essentially creating the modern living room.

But if you’re looking to step away from the norm, top modern furniture brands can offer a new style for your home that is more individual and unique. Modern style furniture has its roots in the modernism movement in art and design, which embraced discontinuity, disruption and the unexpected, while rejecting realism and traditional values. Two of the first schools that applied this aesthetic philosophy to furniture design were the Bauhaus, a German movement, and the American Arts and Crafts movement. Today, this style of design is expressed through cool modern furniture offered by top modern furniture brands.

But where do you buy modern furniture? Are you limited to specific modern furniture stores? The answer may surprise you: while you can often mind modern furniture designs at the same stores that sell traditional American leather furniture. However, you can often find a wider selection of true contemporary furniture at stores with a history of specializing in modern furniture. You can easily find a store like this by researching established modern and contemporary furniture stores in your area.

So, are you interested in stepping away from the norm and trying something new with your home? Research top modern furniture brands and modern home furniture stores in your area to see what this style can offer you.

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