Did You Know There’s An Easy Way To Cut Your Heating Bill In Half?

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Do you have a faulty air conditioning system or residential boilers that don’t work quite like they used to? It’s common to want to ‘come to terms’ with your poor heating and go about your day-to-day schedule without considering expensive repair, but going out of your way to call an air conditioning repair professional now can see both your bills and your daily life greatly improved in the long run. Choosing a contractor to inspect your system is as simple as figuring out what the problem is and choosing the right pro for the job accordingly — let’s look at some of the most common issues facing the average American’s air conditioning and heating systems and the easy ways you can improve them overnight.

Did You Know?

Air conditioning systems have been around for well over 100 years, first being established in New York all the way back in the 1900’s and paving the way for increased comfort and cleaner air throughout the following century. While two-thirds of all homes in the States have air conditioners, many people don’t keep them clean and end up paying more than they need to for energy and heating. Residential boilers and furnaces, while not as common as they used to be, are still much beloved sources of heating for many homeowners. Maintaining them regularly throughout the year, however, is another story entirely!

Residential Boilers And Furnaces

The lifespan of your heating and cooling system depends not just on its materials, but how well you maintain it over time. Furnaces can last up to 15 or 18 years and boilers generally have a lifespan of 15 to 30, both of which can be greatly extended through routine cleaning and yearly check-ups. Due to the nature of the equipment, rusts and clogs can accrue over time and reduce the efficiency of your system. When heating and cooling has been found to cost a whopping 50% of all Americans’ energy use, finding ways to increase efficiency should be top priority for anyone who feels like saving money!

High-Efficiency Air Conditioning

Despite the majority of Americans owning an air conditioning system, many people are still in the dark on how to properly maintain and clean them. Air conditioners cost homeowners a collective $11 billion every year, meaning regular maintenance is not only crucial to keep your heating and cooling systems running smoothly, but will effectively reduce your energy bill and save on costs in the long-term. If you find you don’t have a high-efficiency air conditioning system in your home, switching to a new system could see you saving anywhere from 20% to 50% on your average energy bill every year.

Heating And Cooling Services

Don’t put off calling a professional! A simple inspection will detect common issues, such as stubborn clogs or faulty wiring, and will better prepare you for a repair job or new installation. Faulty wiring can increase your risk for fire, particularly in the more extreme seasons, and clogs can reduce the efficiency of your system, translating to higher and higher bills every year. Traditional ductwork that hasn’t been maintained can attribute to cooling losses as high as 40% every year, which is no small sum considering that ducts factor at least 30% of the average building’s space conditioning. Give your air conditioning a test run, then call your local repair professional — you’ll find the lower energy bill and warmer home is far better than the alternative!

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