Keeping the Home Clean and Healthy

Plumbing services

A home is like a body. When there are components out of sync, everything falls apart. Maintenance is important for home health just as exercise is important for physical health. Every part of a home uses energy and its up to the homeowner, solo, friends, family or otherwise, to make sure that the energy is used well. Here are some major parts of the home to watch out for.

    Air Conditioning
    Two-thirds of all U.S. homes have a functioning air conditioner. This accounts for a major part of home energy usage, especially in homes located in the south and southwest. A well-maintained air conditioner can act as the lungs of a home but air conditioners themselves aren’t cheap. They cost a collective 11 billion dollars to homeowners every year with running and management. Just because it gets hot out doesn’t mean that maintaining an air conditioner needs to be expensive. Get professionals in on the regular to check filters and inspect connection. Many recommend switching to high efficiency air conditioners, a newer type of model that can reduce energy use from 20% to 50%. That’s cheap on the house and rich for the trees. That way, everything stays in the green.
    Plumbing and Pipes
    Plumbing is the circulatory system of a home. It keeps water moving and the home flowing and clean. Moving that much water can be difficult, though. Pipes are apt to be the most difficult part of a home to manage, especially in older houses or apartments. Never hesitate to call when in need of a plumber as plumbing problems only get worse with time. Plumbers are often trained to deal with more than just piping issues, too. Many plumbing companies can recommend what types of water heaters would be the best fit for a home. This is an important consideration as older water heaters can make up 30% of a home’s total energy usage. Since tankless water heaters can last up to twenty whole years, it can be easy to forget to get them checked. Though water heaters are often more durable than air conditioning sytems, that doesn’t mean that they shouldn’t be checked on the regular. Don’t let a small heating problem become a big one.
    The furnace is the heart of a home. It burns constantly to keep the place warm and to give the home life. As the hottest part of the house, it’s vital to keep it safe and secure. Any part of a house dealing with fire is, by definition, one of the most crucial to maintain. If furnaces are more than 10 years old, they need an annual inspection. This is necessary even if the homeowner hasn’t been in residence that long. Furnaces only tend to last to an average of 15 to 18 years tops, so be in the know when a new one is required. Companies that repair water heaters and replace air conditioning are often skilled at furnace repair as well so always keep them tabbed on your phone for emergencies. Having access to a reliable heating service will keep the home’s heart beating and the homeowners safe.

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