Landscaping Essentials for You

Natural stone

We all want our homes to look just as good on the outside as they do in the inside. The summer is approaching and soon that summer sun will be shining down on your front yard. You want it to look as great as ever. Whether it is residential or commercial, good landscaping can add up to 28% to a home’s overall value. Be careful to not underestimate the importance of hiring a successful landscaping company.

1. Tree trimming- A lot of people overlook the importance of tree maintenance when thinking about their landscaping problems. They see the trees on their property and think they must stay as is until Mother Nature does something about it. Yet tree trimming can enhance the natural beauty and can reduce the need for corrective tree services later on.
2. Relocating or not- You want your home to look good regardless if you?re there for a year or for 30 years, but the amount you spend to accomplish that should definitely vary. Some believe that owners should spend between 10-20% of a home?s value on landscaping. But if you?re planning on moving away in a year or two, you won’t want to fork out that much cash. In this case, experts recommend spending between 1-2% of a home?s value if you?re in more of a short-term position.
3. Addition of a deck- Adding a deck to your property or replacing an old one can have tremendous benefits in improving your home?s value. Wooden deck additions recoup more than 80% of their cost. They also provide a great recreational area for your family to enjoy.
4. Water Management- Having professionals install a custom sprinkler system to your property can drastically improve the appearance of your lawn.
5. Patios and Walkways- These can really turn some heads in your neighborhood. You can have a nice paved patio or walkway with interlocking brick pavers. Along with bringing up the value of your home, this will really bring your entire property together and make it look the best it possibly can.
There are many aspects that go into landscaping care, but planning out your budget, professional tree trimming, additions of decks and patios, and custom water management can really make your property stand out in the best possible way.

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