Main Types of Fences

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Fencing is one those important things that we sometimes forget to think about when looking to buy or build a new home. There are so many options when it comes to fences, a short or long fence, what type of fence, what material, etc, but let’s try and break it down a little bit.

What type of fence?
Fence types could be an everlasting list so let’s keep it simple and narrow it down to the four most common and basic fence types.

  1. Vinyl
  2. Wood
  3. Aluminum
  4. Chain link

Now, before we go further in to those, you need to know why you are getting a fence. That will help you decide which fence type would work best for you. There are three main reasons people get fences: privacy, security, property value.

  1. Privacy – This is one of the main reasons to get a fence. Homes are generally being built closer together and having a fence can seal off not only your yard but easy viewing into your home and at your belongings. Seclusion is usually preferred for a home by the residents.

  2. Security – No one wants to live in an unsafe neighborhood or home. Chances are, if you are buying or building a new home, then you are looking at an already safe area but having a long fence all the way around your home and give it that enhanced security that you need. Children should be able to play outside without you worrying about where they are and if they are okay. Letting them play in the backyard is a fenced in area is the best option. Studies show that kids function best with boundaries so they will appreciate the fence also.

  3. Value – You may not know this but have a fence actually increases the value of a home. It is a great selling point for houses because it’s something that the homeowners will not have to worry about taking care of.

There are several other advantages to fences such as:

  1. Boundary lines – a fence can show where one property starts and one ends.
  2. Swimming pool safety – you should always have a fence around a pool so there’s no chance of anyone falling in.
  3. Pet containment – if you have a pet, a fence can keep them from running away and getting lost.
  4. Vandalism deterrent – research shows that fences provide an obstacle to thieves and they usually do not want to deal with and move on to an easier target.

There are more reasons of course, but these are a few to get you thinking. Now for the types of fences.

vinyl fences are extremely strong and flexible. It takes a lot to bring down this type of fence. They also require a lot less maintenance besides general cleaning. No repainting is necessary and the material itself is non toxic and environmentally friendly.

A wood fence design is probably the most commonly used material for long fence types as well as for smaller areas. Wood is very versatile in its look and not expensive. It is also very durable and can put up with a lot of wear and tear over the years.

The best thing about aluminum fencing is that it will never rust and will almost never need any kind of upkeep. Although it’s not the most welcoming kind of fence, it provides good security especially around pools and areas that need to be contained. However, it is easy to see through as the bars normally are thin, although placed close together, but the privacy factor is not very good with this type of fence.

Chain link
Chain link is usually used when there are pets involved that like to see what’s going on, and also protect the home if someone is approaching but need containing. Chain link fences last the longest of all the fences and are very easy to install.

You have plenty of options when it comes to fencing, a long fence, tall, short, narrow fences, it really depends on what exactly you are looking for.

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