Most Americans Waste Their Money On Harsh And Ineffective Chemicals Try These Cleaning Tips Instead

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What are the best ways to clean your tiles, hardwood flooring and carpet? Many people often become frustrated with basic cleaning supplies like vacuums and cheap mops, noting that grime and scum seem to accumulate almost overnight no matter how much scrubbing is put in! The best way to clean tile floors is not a mystical art, however, and many affordable and simple solutions exist to help you get your house as spotless as possible with minimal effort. Let’s take a look at some of the cheapest and most effective ways of cleaning ceramic tiles and carpets, from finding the best tile cleaning products to knowing a thing or two about tile restoration and popular materials.

Cleaning Carpets And Rugs

Let’s start off with the most common type of flooring in American homes and apartments. Carpet alone accounts for 51% of the total U.S. flooring market revenue and sales, including but not limited to broad flooring, rugs, installation and cleaning services. Routine carpet cleaning services are not only essential to maintain appearance, mold and mites can grow in wet and enclosed spaces and should be attended to frequently to keep your air clean and fresh. Thicker carpets retain better heat but are more difficult to clean, while thin carpets are easier to maintain but don’t account much for temperature. Be sure to clean your carpet at least every year and a half to keep allergies, bugs and mold at bay.

Cleaning Hardwood Floors

Although carpets have always been popular for their plush feeling and allergen reducing qualities, hardwood floors still reign supreme for most homeowners. A recent survey found hardwood leading the pack as the preferred option for kitchens and living rooms, with 56% preferring hardwood flooring for their bedroom and 44% leaning toward carpet. Another survey saw over 90% of its participants favoring hardwood flooring for their general living area, which means wood as both a material and interior design aspects won’t go out of favor any time soon. Hardwood floors already come with advanced sealants meant to discourage rot and weakening (lasting a solid one to two years on average), meaning cleaning should be kept to a simple broom and lightweight mop. When it comes to tile cleaning products, the best solutions can be in the places you least expect.

Cleaning Ceramic Tiles

Ceramic tile, with its variety of beautiful designs and classic feel, are still common in the homeowning market. Tile sales accounted for over 12% of total U.S. flooring and made well over $18 billion in total revenue in the year 2012. There are multiple ways to clean ceramic tiles, but only certain methods are reliable and effective in the long-term. A common solution not many people turn to is the avoidance of harsh chemicals in tile cleaning products — while grout can be stubborn to get rid of, a simple water and vinegar solution will go a long way in eliminating bacteria and encouraging a healthy shine. Just open up your windows for the smell! Regularly maintained tile can last for decades, proving that a little really does go a long way.

Maintaining Your Floor

You don’t have to limit using your tile cleaning products in the spring! Daily habits will go a long way in keeping your floor sparkling and should be high on your priority list. Carpets should be vacuumed at least once per month (provided you don’t have any pets or children) and routine sweeping of your kitchens and bathroom will make future mopping a breeze. If you notice a few of your kitchen or bathroom tiles are damaged, it only takes 30 minutes on average to replace them entirely. If you’re considering new installations make sure to take a look at recycled materials, such as terrazzo glass, that are both beautiful and cost-effective in the long-term. Your floor, quite literally, undercuts everything you do and can make a home either beautiful or frustrating if not properly taken care of — what will your next home project be?

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