The Plumbing Repairs You Should Worry About

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Plumbing repairs are perhaps definitively the time for a professional to be called. When a sink clogs because of bathroom debris, the fix might be to use a simple drain stick to unclog it. But even a simple job can get messy, especially if you need to resort to multiple techniques. Another concern is the state of your home’s pipes. In short, even a seemingly easy fix may turn out to need a professional’s touch.

What Can a Leak Faucet Cost You?

No one likes a leaky faucet. They can be difficult to fix because the cause of the leak is not apparent until the faucet is taken apart. One of the different components of the faucet could be worn out, such as the O-ring, or the washer. For a small home, even one leaking faucet could cause up to 3,000 galleons of wasted water each year, if it drips at about one drop per second. Alarmingly, one research study found that up to 35% of all residential toilets leak.

Businesses such as hotels are in even more trouble when it comes to leaks. Commercial plumbers usually need to turn the water line off for a period of time so that they can effectively fix the leak, wherever it might be. But a hotel cannot tell its guests “Sorry; no showers today!” and stay open for long. Hotels should have a water reserve for plumbing repairs, enough at least for 24 hours of regular usage to safeguard against an emergency situation.

The Danger of Back Flow.

Back flow is when the direction of water flow reverses, sending contaminated water in when it should be going out. It is as serious and disgusting as it sounds, and requires the assistance of a plumbing services company. There are of course safeguards in the public water system to help prevent back flow, such as the separation of storm drains and sanitary sewer drains since the 1930s. Accidents can still happen, though. A plumbing repair company will install a back flow preventer immediately to protect your home’s water system and the public water system.

The possible contamination of drinking water is something that truly requires a professional plumbing company’s expertise. While not as serious, a leaking toilet or faucet can raise your water bill over time. It is admirable to try and repair small problems around the house. But when it comes to plumbing repairs, it may be best to call a professional.

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