Trenchless Technology Repairs Pipes and Sewers Without Digging

Sewer camera inspection

From basements to roofs, a proper functioning plumbing and drainage system makes sure that all kinds of water in and around a house – water used in the kitchen and bathrooms, wastewater and rainwater – flows continuously and safely through the drains that are intended to carry it to its destination. These drains perform an essential service for your house by ensuring that water doesn’t leak into walls, roofs and foundations, causing serious structural damage. Technologies like trenchless sewer repair and CIPP make it possible to carry out repairs of all kinds conveniently, from roof drain lining to sewer pipe replacement.

Corroded and leaky pipes can cause structural damage
Smooth running drains are essential to maintaining the safety, value and integrity of your home. Pipes can become clogged and develop dangerous leaks for various reasons. Over time pipes can be corroded. Even small bits of abrasive materials like rust or other contaminants will wear away the insides of the pipe.

Such wear and tear will magnify the effects of the regular use. The pressure of clean water in pipes supplying the house is 50-60 psi. Water with contaminants that give it a pH value of 6.8 or less will turn “aggressive,” or acidic and corrode the copper of the pipes.

Debris can collect inn the pipes, clogging them and increasing the risk of leaks and even burst pipes. And tree roots can travel great distances underground to find water. When they do find it, they will eat into the pipes and block them, or cause leaks that will drip away water at a steady rate and cost thousands of dollars each year.

Sewers should be inspected before buying a house
Sewer inspections can determine if the pipes need repairs or replacing. Inspections should be scheduled before buying a new house. And for homes built in the 1970s or earlier, that are more than 40 years old, the sewers probably need to be replaced. Inspections typically cost around $250-350. All the drains, pipes and sewers in the house should be checked by an expert.

If the inspections show that your pipes and sewers need repairs or replacement, don’t despair. New technologies make it possible to carry out sewer repairs and replacement and even roof drain lining with a minimum of disruption.

Sewer repairs don’t have to be a major headache
Most homeowners sooner or later have to have their sewers inspected and repaired or replaced. In an online poll on Angie’s List, almost one fourth of the members who responded said that they had replaced their sewer lines. Another 3% said that sewer replacement was a high priority project they would have to undertake soon.

Trenchless technology can carry out pipe repair and replacement without excavations. While it is more expensive than the traditional method of digging a trench to unearth the entire length of pipe to be replaced, it pays for itself in convenience and the money saved in restoration work after the repairs are completed. It also comes with a lifetime warranty.

What about roof drains?
Roof drains are commonly used on flat roofs to drain away water and prevent it from collecting in pools, which might cause structural damage to the roof. Vertical roof drain pipes can be repaired using the same methods used for horizontal water supply and sewer pipes. Roof drain lining repairs vertical pipes by injecting a coating of epoxy resin liner material that cures in place to fix cracks and leaks. As with trenchless repair, the vertical pipes can be repaired in place, without removing them or tearing down walls.

With trenchless technology and CIPP techniques, projects like roof drain lining and sewer replacement have become much easier and less disruptive.

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