What Are The Most Popular Home Renovation Projects For American Homeowners?

Custom wine racks and cellars

Are you looking for your next home renovation project? It can be difficult knowing when to start when so much of your home is clamoring for your attention all at once, from your old and cracked bathtub to your recently wilting garden. Look no further, as a new home improvement trend is sweeping the country — custom bathroom vanities and custom wine racks and cellars! These simple yet elegant touches go a long way in sprucing up your kitchen or living room and can be installed in less than a day by a trained professional! Why don’t we take a look at some of the best custom bathroom cabinets and hanging wine racks and where you should start editing your shopping list.

How Is The Cabinet And Vanity Industry Doing?

The U.S. cabinet and vanity industry is a lucrative one, generating well over $20 billion in revenue every year and employing nearly 100,000 people on average. You won’t have to go far to find a business that can give you a bounty of interesting furniture or design ideas either, as there are over 8,000 vanity businesses all across the country. They work around the clock installing bathroom cabinets, crafting the best custom bedroom furniture and providing homeowners with design tips and support. When it comes to trends and favorites, some home renovation tastes still haven’t gone out of style!

What Do Homeowners Prefer?

Let’s look at what’s popular these days. A recent survey found the majority of homeowners choosing to remodel their kitchens, with 79% of participants saying they want to improve the overall look and feel. Around 75% of homeowners prefer soft and neutral colors in their kitchen while 65% gravitate to stainless steel appliances for their functionality as well as manageability. When it comes to installing new cabinets or custom wine racks and cellars, a Houzz survey found nearly 20% of people looking for one that can incorporate additional appliances. Even with these popular choices, there is still plenty of flexibility to show off your own unique tastes and interests.

What Materials Should I Use?

Any interior designer can tell you that the right material can make or break a product! Some of the most popular materials for custom wine racks and cellars include, but are certainly not limited to, maple, beech, cherry, hickory, walnut and mahogany. The right wood can add a brilliant texture and visual flavor to an everyday item like a custom fireplace or custom bookcase and should be paired with surrounding furniture, like tables and chairs, to create visual cohesion. Long-term maintenance should be taken into account, as well, as a long-lasting product will do the dual work of saving you money and effort cleaning and repairing. Now that you’re caught up on materials and trends, where should you get started with your own home?

Where Do I Get Started?

According to the 2015 ‘Cost v.s. Value Report’ survey, the average total of a minor kitchen model can total to around $19,000. This includes installing new cabinet door and drawer fronts, flooring, countertops and additional appliances. Doing a little budget crunching now will go a long way in making sure your money doesn’t go to waste! Figure out just how much you want to alter your kitchen or bathroom (a simple touch-up compared to a complete overhaul) and plan any additional renovation around that. The best custom furniture is only as good as its complimentary design, after all. Where are you going to get started with your projects today?

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